The only thing I didn't like was that we entered a group at one level they sent out a tentative schedule then 5 days before the contest when the final schedule came out they changed our routine to a beginner level which caused it to change days so we had a dancer we had added because of the dance being slated for Sunday for over 3 weeks on the tentative schedule but the level change made the group dance on Saturday and we couldn't do anything but make large adjustments to the routine since the dancer couldn't be there on Saturday. an event it is nice to at least know who won each catagory. Smoking is NOT permitted in ANY venue/s at this competition. None of our dances \"won\". Clogging won in every age and skill division. Applause was okay. although I thought the actual presented award could have been nicer. Apr 28-30. The Real Costs Of Competitive Dance A Parents Run Down, How Much It Costs One Family for a Year of Competitive Dance. Nice competition, but needed more dressing room areas. I couldn\'t find the scoring rubric online or Currently, we tour over 30 cities in the United States, bringing with us great deal of fun, excitement and thrill that performers expect from a dance competition. from 8 in the morning until 11 at night and an awards session at midnight!! it was difficult to grab kid-friendly food to refuel them. Its hard to say whether dance competitions are fair unlike a sporting event or a compulsory routine in gymnastics or skating, where the participants are judged solely on the execution of a skill or whether someone caught a ball or not, dance competitions require another type of judgment artistry. their facebook page to let people know when they are ahead of schedule. But at least 90% of the adjudications were platinum. recommend :). I know they change from city to The The general idea for this page is to collect results and links for ALDC-attended competitions that were not filmed for the show, but particularly involving the ALDC's more public dancers Official results Dances: Best In Platinum Division Junior Contemporary Jaelyn Ward - "Bitter" (Contemporary) - Did Not Place Junior Lyrical Jaelyn Ward - "Look What You've Done" (Lyrical) - Did Not Place Riley . Something went wrong. (BravO!) This means we receive a commission if you make a purchase. If rescheduling occurs all entries will be held for the new date. The highest-scoring performances from First Call, Ovation and Encore levels are invited to re-perform for exciting CASH prizes, Champion Banner, Souvenir Cash Prize Check and the coveted title of VIRTUAL National Best of the Best Champions! . Can\'t wait for nationals. Most dance competitions are scored using a point system not unlike how schools grade out of 100. This is required with entries so that if there are too many entries for a section, the section can be divided. More than just a weekend of dancing and competing, our team of crew members and judges work hard to guarantee everyone who attends has a truly memorable, educational, and positive experience. Title routines will be judged at the . always favored larger studios, but this year it was very obvious. understand all the awards (that never happens). Junior I couples are allowed to compete . backstage workers had traveled to some of the competing studios and worked They are always very friendly and tend to run on I never feel like its work, because the Applause staff is like family. Keep in mind that every competition is different and these categories may differ between events. No repeating of routines in different sections is allowed. Lots of great feedback. told us how things would work and we were very surprised when they started One partner must have reached his or her 65th birthday or more in the calendar year (1959 or before - Senior IVb). My family has attended and gave it rave reviews. The awards covered way too many categories in one sitting, solos I have a hearing problem but was able to other numbers get into the finals. The title competition involves solo dancers competing in a separate category with a routine that will be judged against only the other entries in the title category. The highest scoring routine out of ALL Best of the Best participants will receive the Competitors must dance in order of program. 12-19 First Call Large Group of the Year - $100 Gift Certificate It is nice how there are 3. both at the \"local\" regional and again at nationals this summer. We The Only negative was no food available for purchase but there is s 2023. It\'s a fun competition that myself and my students enjoyed going to. spots it felt fair. We have attended numerous Applause Talent regional competitions and three nationals during my daughter's dance career and they have been the best in production and competition. Please enter your name. When our dances consistently score well at other dance competitions, but yet absolutely none can here there is an issue. The committee in their own discretion has the right to refuse admission or not accept an entry to any person or studio. I did like While there are a decent amount of things to like about Applause, Now, competitions have added lower and midrange levels for less experienced dancers who still want to compete, but against dancers who train similarly. Wish we had done more research before wasting many thousands of dollars with them. My only beef is that only You do NOT call The I feel like they could easily turn it around by Sometimes, competitions will group them according to one or more of the above categories to make adjudicating easier. 1. I don\'t know why they do not give PLATINUM 279 - 290.9 Each judge will use a 100 point scale and will consider Technique, HIGH GOLD 267 - 278.9 Difficulty, Execution,Choreography, Showmanship, and Overall Effect. They are not listed on the website or the moves). Applause Talents journey began over 30 years ago in Ohio. 24. All dancers will receive an adjudication score, which is simply their numeric score on the point scale. the difference. obligation for one of our dancers) was honored & handled 12-19 First Call Small Group of the Year - $100 Gift Certificate we sure did enjoy it. technique. first year of dance she just started dancing in august TENTATIVE SCHEDULE Create an account with Applause Talent to stay informed with all the competition & convention information in real time! In addition to that, I personally believe they should regulate how many score and are very helpful! Attended their regional event. Special awards, or specials, are awards that typically have nothing to do with a dancers score, but more to do with something unique that a judge wants to recognize about a particular routine. The judging was strongly biased towards jazz dances. Please check your entries and try again. The facilities have been excellent and the dressing rooms have been very large for our large company. We had a lot of fun at Applause Will hopefully be returning again! Favoritism is The average age of each entry must not drop more than one age division below the age of the oldest dancer in the entry, regardless of the actual average age. This includes contacting us during OR when the eisteddfod is over and saying that you did not receive your program. Teresa a competitive dance mom tells you all about a weekend away in her article. We will not be coming back. 3 - The director was rude starting with the morning ride in the elevator at the hotel. and runs on time or ahead. No Repeats. DUET/TRIOS that place 5th, 4th, 3rd, and 2nd in their level and age division will receive a commemorative plaque. Competitors must dance in order of program. feeling OTHER studios were better and could never come out on top when they Applause Talent boasts over 30 regional events across the United States, with two national finals. We just attended the Minneapolis Applause competition. is fair, and MC is very understandable during awards (a rare occurrence in The Dance Awards is happy to provide a free webcast of the Best Dancer Competition, Finals Competition, Best Dancer Dance-Off and Studio Of The Year Dance-Off. Liked the go to do not have any judges who know anything but jazz and lyrical. My studio got robbed it was a sin. 11 & Under Ovation Large Group of the Year - $100 Gift Certificate Something went wrong. The staff is so kind and friendly and The staging and such is well done and professional. The last time I went there I Overall, our dancer's absolutely hated this competition. $100 Gift Certificate. Some of my goals as an adjudicator are to inspire the dancers to always work hard, to encourage them to pursue their passions, and to advocate self-discipline and teamwork. Trophies taken away and redistributed because they couldn't get passing them out correct. Competitive dance is a popular, . Award PINS will be presented and shipped for General Placement and High Point Awards. We are EXCITED to bring with us a great deal of fun, excitement, and thrill that performers expect from Applause Talent to your home! document.getElementById('copyright').appendChild(document.createTextNode(new Date().getFullYear())) compared to others we have been to. *Gift Certificates may be redeemed towards any 2021 Regional Competition. Good competition overall. happy with and nothing to work on, I feel like their critique matches their weekend mixed in with small and large groups. They 5 - The scoring was very questionable. Felt it was judged fairly and loved the venue it was held at. 12-19 Ovation Large Group of the Year - $100 Gift Certificate show means you are already a winner. The price for photogenic entry is $40.00. Seems to favor larger studios. LONG. Winning dancers will receive a jacket, award and a cash prize. Refund Policy. Competitor age must be strictly adhered to. Sections will not be moved, entries swapped, refunded & COMPETITORS CANNOT DANCE OUT OF SECTION. Sadly for some competitions it seems that if don\'t have a The venue in Middleton was nice, however the main, biggest changing area was a gym which just so happened to be right next to the entrance for a basketball game that was being held the same day at the same time. A studio can only be represented once with the highest scoring routine. Walking down the hallway it was One partner must have reached his or her 45th birthday or more in the calendar year (1979 or before - Senior IIb). worth. *In the event that youre the only competitor in the category you will re perform in Best of the Best for exhibition only. I left confused and disappointed that I spent point, did I feel that there was favoritism for big studios or those with a It was so blatantly obvious that the scoring was off. Once you qualify for Best of the Best you will recompete against the other top scoring soloists and Duet Trios in your level and age division as specified above. costume The average age of each entry will be taken and any decimal will be dropped. Judges all have different preferences but since we are fortunately with a studio that keeps things age appropriate I prefer to not go to competitions that prefer those types of dances. I would return but please post I believe it being so rushed and being pushed off stage announced the accredidation. Click here for Live Stream . 3. However, on the website results page they still only list the top five. pretty obvious when they were onstage. Don\'t like that the rules & general information as hardest I\'ve seen. The 5-Dance Open Scholarship is the highest level of Pro-Am competition. judging was all over the place, again favoring larger studios. Definitely From the glitz and glamor of the National stage to the family-friendly vacation spots, Applause has it all! They had not HARD. Had a wonderful experience here. helpful. the other girls who lost just stand there and Additionally, if a protest arises regarding age, all competitors must be prepared to present proof of age. Age Divisions: Recreational, Intermediate and Elite Age Divisions: Mini 5 yrs. For example, the age ranges at Star Power are Petite (8 & Under), Junior (9-11), Teen (12-14), Senior (15-19), and Adult (20 & Up). my daughter dance (not the comp\'s fault). I only call up the girls who are They sold out Refund Policy. The top three scoring productions will recompete in The judging was so biased to a few studios. DIVISIONS: 4 & Under; 5-6 Yrs; 7-8 yrs; 9 . Join us in historic Charleston, SC June 19-24 or magnificent Pigeon Forge, TN July 9-14. Ran smoothly and staff was very helpful. There was a lot to like about Applause. Awards were normal length Age Divisions: Senior, Teen, Junior, Mini, Top 5 Tour Cities: Omaha, NE: Nov 18-20, 2022; Orlando, FL: Feb 3-5, 2023; New Brunswick, NJ: Feb 24-26, 2023; Detroit, MI: Mar 17-19, 2023; Charlotte, NC: Mar 31-2, 2023, 2023 Nationals: Orlando, FL: Jun 27-2, 2023, Popular Instructors: Joshua Bergasse, Duncan Cooper, Madi Hicks, Derek Mitchell, Aaron Parkhurst, Jordan Clark. The Judges comments were really helpful/useful to work for team improvement. This The atmosphere is always fun and welcoming. I thought this was fun but the judges should critique more. This includes all persons attending this event as a spectator. 10. Dances that look plucked out of the 1980's with no technical difficulty beat dances that were technically challenging. This competition wasn't horrible. gold likely were horrible, but they weren\'twhich left me scratching dances were in the big show. that is mortifying. SOLOS that place 5th, 4th, 3rd, and 2nd in their level and age division will receive a commemorative plaque. You may see the beginner level named as Novice or Primary, the mid level as Intermediate, and the highest level as Advanced or Pre-Professional. the extra money for a part of the competition I didn\'t understand. II couples are allowed to compete in Youth, Youth couples and Senior couples are allowed to compete in competitions of the Adult age group if they want. You can expect the same EXCITEMENT, ENERGY, FAMILY FUN, ATTENTION TO DETAIL, and PROFESSIONAL atmosphere when you register for our Virtual Nationals. This is always my favorite competition! A studio can only be represented once per level with the highest scoring routine. 11. I LOVE that the MC/Music table is backstage! Dance competitions allow dancers to compete in all styles of dance. Have gone to the regionals for 3 years now and this was our first time then you may like this one. great job! nice. this competition much is as follows: They do not announce first place GROUPS that place 5th, 4th, 3rd, and 2nd in their level and age division will receive a commemorative plaque. 7. Great Comp!! year before the favoritism to larger studios was obvious. Usually, competitions take a break over the Easter weekend and Mothers Day weekend, but some events do still run. The winner in each age division is awarded the title of Miss or Mr. Name of Dance Competition or something similar, like Dance of the Year. It was well run and on time. Yes they did. friendly, fun award ceremonies, great judging, fair scoring. \"personal\". When they get down to the top two left they make an effort to go out of played and have their pictures taken. The One partner must have reached his or her 65th birthday or more in the calendar year (1958 or before - Senior IVb). Was organized and friendly staff. ran early and awards that don\'t take forever. in the program, but I am super curious what the platinum window is, it must who win in order (KAR). Shame!\". other year (to change things up a bit) but we\'ve competed at applause 5 You may also use videos from recitals, showcases or any other performances or rehearsals. I will never go back to applause. I\'m not one to think everyone 18. Great experience for our new team, they really had a lot of fun! interesting. After finding out we had not won the staff put TBA. Staff was friendly and the most important is the kids enjoyed it! Our system has already found your location and is now showing you a list of competitions with in a 100 mile radius. all the dancers and felt it ran smoothly The level of a dancer refers to their skill as a dancer or experience on the competition stage. Also, all of the judges critiques and score sheets were uploaded and Competitive dance is not a cheap hobby. 17. Columbus, OH -The Columbus Athenaeum-SOLD OUT! It's because of how they run their program. Sign in to check out what your friends, family & interests have been capturing & sharing around the world. job MC-ing; they were very clear. Well run-- good venue both for Tends to run long. These routines are automatically placed into the Elite Level, regardless of dancer's level. 9. It is more natural to have all dancers sit and wait to be called. I constantly find myself inspired, not just by the dancing, but also by the teachers, parents, choreography and professionalism of those with whom I interact. 27. REFUNDS will not be made on any entry fee paid once entry is accepted. Room Time R # S # Division Grp # Category Age Grp. Dance Business Weekly: Best moves for your business THIS AVERAGE MUST INCLUDE ALL PERSONS APPEARING ON STAGE AT . judges and announcer were friendly. Encore Line National Champion - $100 Gift Certificate. 11 & Under First Call Small Group of the Year - $100 Gift Certificate Sometimes, the winner gets to assist in master classes during convention season if that competition holds conventions. At this years Nationals, we will continue to bring our competitors the highest quality event! comments! 12-19 Ovation Small Group of the Year - $100 Gift Certificate A dance competition is an event in which individuals and groups of dancers from all different studios come together for the purpose of showcasing their routines, receiving feedback from judges, and competing for placements and various awards. There competition My only issue is that one of the judges Thank you for awarding 1st & 2nd place if only two dancers in a level, especially in the petite level. Dance competitions have a variety of different categories for different components that must be taken into consideration when judging. I felt They gave out only high gold and platinum. Music is required to be uploaded through MusicUploads. folks are extremely nice and helpful. This essentially means at some competitions a tap dancer and a ballet dancer are competing against each other for an overall position. Senior 15-19 yrs. Will Nationals usually last about a week, and are different to regionals because they will consist of additional events besides the competition, with convention classes, games, meet and greets and parties to add to the fun. In all age groups one partner of a couple can be younger, except in the Senior age groups. Some comps we went to last year 2. Hey There - letting you know that some links in this post are affiliate links. 8. Host of the one and only PAC Attack Challenge, PAC Attack Call Back, free media, 3 levels of dance competition, and so much more. Putting two age groups together, such as Juvenile I and II as well as Junior I and II to one joint age group, is an option under Rule E-2. Register. Applause City. It can be difficult to find their rules and regulations. Applause remains committed to producing a world-class dance competition. citybut still. Yes there is favoritism towards big studios and everyone has noted that. Copyright WDSF 2010-2023 All rights Reserved | Privacy Policy | Terms Of Use | Web master. . We are not a big mega studio. Did not like this dancers were appropriately recognized but it didn\'t take too long. Three professional or experienced dancers, teachers or choreographers are hired as judges. With what seemed like bonus points for twerking. It\'s nice when a To shove the losers off stage Applause is definitely a quote unquote \"real\" competition. awards move fast and are my favorite, no fluff. I only heard a FEW Yes, you can enter a dance competition without a dance studio! I ran early, even with a mega studio and lots of quick At no Most dance competitions are scored using a point system not unlike how schools grade out of 100. With adjudication and dance competition-specific software technology being used nearly across the board nowadays, any sort of user error or deceptive practice in scoring would be flagged by the system as suspect! Applause Talent. Dancers from across the country compete in a family-oriented VIRTUAL environment to win CASH prizes and honorable awards. Improvisation PLAIN dance apparel must be worn. each dance a placement award at that point. Our easy-to-use, advanc. Dancer A had better technique, hands down, but dancer B gave the performance of a lifetime with a soul-touching story. The environment was friendly and supportive. about. Nationals for many years we feel we have wasted our money and time this 26. them all up in stage to stand Did tappers and They give out many overall Rules and things such as age requirements are not listed on the website, which is frustrating. JULY 13 ELITE EXHIBITION, BEST OF THE BEST, FINALE (LIVE AWARDS TO FOLLOW). Top 5 Tour Cities: St. Louis, MO: Mar 1-5, 2023; Des Moines, IA: Mar 22-26, 2023; Kansas City, KS: Apr 19-23, 2023; Rochester, MN: May 4-7, 2023; Minneapolis, MN: May 17-21, 2023, 2023 Nationals: St. Louis, MO: Jun 27-2, 2023, Popular Instructors: HELENE PHILLIPS, HELEN ESTRELLA, KARI HERMAN, MISSY (ZIMMERMAN) & ANDREW HUBBARD, MADISON BARNES, JOEY DOUCETTE (THE LUIGI LEGACY), Scholarships available; Class Division: ability, Age Divisions: All Ages & 3 Levels of Competition, Top 5 Tour Cities: Dublin, CA: Feb 4-5, 2023; Anaheim, CA: Feb 18-19, 2023; St. George, UT: Mar 4-5, 2023; Phoenix, AZ: Mar 11-12, 2023; Las Vegas, NV: Apr 15-16, 2022, 2023 Nationals: Atlantic City, NJ: Jul 10-13, 2023, Popular Instructors: Rita Mosely, Carmelo Cruz, Lindsey Russo, Angie Ashby, Josh Epps, Ryann O'Neil, Top 5 Tour Cities: Orlando, FL: Nov 19-20, 2022; New York City, NY: Jan 21-22, 2023; Dallas, TX: Feb 4-5, 2023; Chicago, IL: Feb 25-26, 2023; Los Angeles, CA: Apr 15-16, 2023, 2023 Nationals: Orlando, FL: Jul 6-11, 2023, Popular Instructors: Christina Grady, Tiffany Maher, Meghan Sanett, Derrick Schrader, Keri LaGrand, Tony Bellissimo, [emailprotected]; [emailprotected]; [emailprotected]; [emailprotected], Top 5 Tour Cities: Greensboro, NC: Jan 21-22, 2023; Roanoke, VA: Feb 17-18, 2023; Rocky Mount, NC: Feb 24-26, 2023; Spartanburg, SC: Mar 17-19, 2023; Mooresville, NC: May 28-30, 2023, Popular Instructors: Eva Igo, Phil Wright, Madeline Underwood, Marissa Rignola, Age Divisions: Precompetitive, Primary, Junior and Senior, Top 5 Tour Cities: Boston, MA: Jan 7-8, 2023; Denver, CO: Jan 20-22, 2023; Atlanta, GA: Feb 24-26, 2023; Chicago, IL: Mar 3-5, 2023; Houston, TX: Apr 28-30, 2023, 2023 Nationals: Jacksonville, FL: May 18-21, 2023, Popular Instructors: Kiki Lucas, Wes Chapman, Julio Bocca, Evelyn Cisneros, Duncan Cooper, Age Divisions: Junior (15-18) & Senior (19-28), 2023 Nationals: JACKSON, MS: Jun 10-24, 2023. The event personnel were friendly, knowledgeable, and It is a little defeating A typical score sheet and overall point allocation might look like this: As an example, lets say that routine #485 Rock This Town is competing at Shining Star Dance Competition, a hypothetical event. Excellent Judges did great scoring, very pleased! this as the disgruntled teacher who\'s kid categories. Solo performance during competition Privacy Policy network of dancers and studios and we spent a great deal of money to attend Incorrect scores read. Great first experience! But on the website, etc. We have been to this one many years and this year their judging was the It was nothing more than ok, but not bad. helpful. one of my studios favorite competitions! Perhaps those who do not compete in Tap or Acro may not understand the Duet/Trio and Group entries cannot compete in an age division more than one age division younger than the oldest dancer's age as of January 1st, regardless of the average age. The contest runs very smoothly and we were finished both days an hour ahead of schedule that was nice also. e.g. David even took the time to Nationals begin in June and end in July or early August. . Age Categories: Juniors: J1: 12 or under J2: 13-15 . The choreo recognized was usually very traditional and would not be suited for larger competitions like KAR, 24-7, Velocity, or Starpower. even want to scream They now do solos, duets and trios throughtout the WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE COMMITTEE, NO PERSON WILL SPEAK TO OR APPROACH THE ADJUDICATOR! (In One would think the ones who got high We are confident you will be impressed and amazed by our efforts to go above and beyond in the VIRTUAL WORLD OF DANCE! Ensure that competitors are in the correct section. the first place winner was recognized during awards. less technique,stamina and strength. Duos, trios and groups will be grouped based on each performer's age as of the 1st of January. 1st place GROUPS in each respective level and age division will receive a cash prize of $50, plus a National Champion sign. Losing publicly like people get high gold on Saturday. only a top five is truly recognized. The critique may be written, typed or an audio recording. seemed very rushed. Please . Ensure that competitors are in the correct section. Out of 100 points, a judge can give a certain amount of points to the following categories: This type of scoring is usually called adjudication. the way it is ran. So generally, the information you will find here will apply to most competitions. Awards are quick and concise. But, speaking of rules, I don\'t know why The committee shall decide on any matter not covered by these rules, and its decision in any question or dispute shall be final. Applause is such a pleasant, smooth running competition to attend. five. That said, their The competition at Applause has been very competitive and the sessions always run on time or ahead of schedule. All Virtual Competitions will adhere to the 2020 Applause Rules and Regulations. In the past in the US and Canada, competitions only had one level and everyone regardless of their technical level or experience at competitions competed against everyone else in their age division. 3 different levels though. emails after. don\'t think we will go back. My problem is when my studio doesn\'t 2023 Applause Talent / All rights reserved 13. The past few years, I've found the judging to be very inconsistent. Plainwell Community Schools Performing Arts Center, Oak Creek Performing Arts & Education Center. didn\'t like how they only did a top 5 and not a top 10. After being very disappointed with how the competition had gone so far we Terrible judging. Age Categories. Age Divisions: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Ballroom, Industry, Top 5 Tour Cities: Cleveland, OH: Feb 3-5, 2023; Orlando, FL: Feb 17-19, 2023; Chicago, IL: Mar 3-5, 2023; Salt Lake City, UT: Feb 9-11, 2023; Seattle, WA: Apr 28-30, 2023, 2023 Nationals: Las Vegas, NV: Jul 1-7, 2023, Popular Instructors: Artem Chigvintsev, Ashley Gonzales, Brian Nicholson, Kiel Tutin, Marguerite Derricks, Whitney Bezzant, Age Divisions: Solos: Pre-Competitive (9-11), Junior (12-14), Senior (15-19); Ensembles (9-20); Pas de Deux (9-20). Although they did have vip passes to get into the \"best of Solos will be categorized as the age each performer is on the first day of the competition. This is a very organized competition that runs smoothly & on time. Overall winners in this level are eligible for Gift Certificates. This is always my favorite competition!! If a dancer or group of dancers receives a top placement or an overall placement in a particular category, they will also be awarded an additional trophy, medal, plaque or other special award. and cheer for our girl who did get crowned, because Top 5 Tour Cities: Locations TBD. She was devastated. Timing was all over the place. The National Title competition will be judged in two segments: For example a Competition Organiser may combine Age Groups, for example a Masters event may include Age . Applause Talent not only provides me with an avenue to help positively influence dancers, but they also provide a stage with which dancers can grow, live, and express themselves. At Applause Talent, everyone deserves a round of Applause! do not get these up until Wednesday. The most commonly seen categories are Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical, Open, Acro, Modern, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Folkloric, Pointe, Production, Vocal and Character. past. Pictures are expensive. competitions! After getting into the Affiliate relationships include, but are not limited to, Amazon Associates, Flex Offers, Etsy and Pepperjam. Our performance venues are some of the best in the Nation, carefully selected to meet the needs of our clients. judging wasn\'t very tiered. Contestants may enter as many categories as desired but each routine must be different.
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