Its a great way for employees to share how theyre making their departments accessible and make valuable connections. When Janet received no recognition for her work with the ERG, she handed over leadership of the ERG so that she could focus on her job. Otherwise, your words and actions are merely performative. They also want to be involved in helping create solutions. Employee resource groups can contribute to employee retention by showing employers what PWD need to be successful. In line with this goal, Thomson Reuters has established a formal process for employees to develop Business Resource Groups (BRGs). The task for business leaders, then, is to make sure that ERGs align with employees expectations and with the businesss DEI priorities. Some also play a role in supporting the companys broader DEI strategy. Be accessible, How to identify a Toxic Accessibility Culture, and what you can do about it, Groups that dont care about people with disabilities, Making word clouds and polling fully accessible to all meeting attendees, Applying Ted Lasso management lessons to accessibility. This maturity model helps you start an ERG, and develop plans for continuous improvement. Nicholas Jones et al., 2020 census illuminates racial and ethnic composition of the country, US Census Bureau, August 12, 2021. And when theres a gap between what ERGs deliver and what employees desire, employees can feel less included at work. Twelve tips to keep in mind for inclusive hybrid meetings including considerations for: accommodations, platform, location, accessibility, and more. It gives everyone a chance to learn from one another and become allies for the needs of their coworkers. According to the National Disability Institute, Americans with disabilities have [], Best Known Methods for Creating Accessible Digital Microsoft Teams Meetings Download the Teams Resource DOCX Notes: Microsoft Teams continuously upgrades its accessibility features and options. Yet the new roles that DEI departments envision for ERGs dont always coincide with the roles set forth by ERGs themselvesor with employees expectations. For example, an administrative assistant may find herself in charge of planning an event to celebrate national disabilities month for her ERG supporting people with disabilities. There are many communications and tchochkes that wont be doable until the logo is done. Every day, we strive to create and nurture a culture of inclusion. I can no longer support disability as an afterthought Authors note:Because of Mediums refusal to address its accessibility issues for both authors and readers,Ive moved my last three years of blogs toSubstack. Employees are able to step outside of their normal department groups. The collaboration and coordination among the ERGs and DEI team helped employees gain an understanding of all the available ERGs, especially once the central team created a portal where each ERG was featured. We looked at how ERGs that were rated as effective in one of five dimensionsexternal engagement, allyship, leadership connection, employee community building, and career advancementcorrelated with employee inclusion and belonging (see sidebar The five dimensions of ERG activity). Please sign up there for notices, In theory, absolutely. WebFor employers, NDEAM is a perfect time to launch a disability Employee Resource Group (ERG) if one doesn't already exist. BRGsare voluntary, employee-driven associations that benefit both our employees and thecompanys business goals. Most companies today have what is known as employee resource or affinity groups. Search volumes of data with intuitive navigation and simple filtering parameters. Partnering with Human Resources, the group aims to promote the recruitment and retention of employees with disabilities, inclusive of those with long-term health conditions, carers, or those otherwise affected by disability. Representing 17 ethnicity groups, the mission of the Asians employee resource group is to accelerate the advancement of Asian employees at Microsoft, increase the communitys influence, and build a network of camaraderie and support within the community and with allies. All of the companies on The 2008 DiversityInc Top 10 Companies for People with Additionally, the DEI team worked with company leadership to ensure equitable budget allocation across all groups. The group also serves as a resource to Hispanic and Latinx communities and organizations worldwide. We see several ways in which ERGs can help advance companies DEI efforts. Formal ERGs came into existence in response to race-related tension in the 1960s. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are not new. Perhaps they want to make resources more accessible but arent sure how best to accomplish that. .manual-search-block #edit-actions--2 {order:2;} While those departments are the low hanging fruit, their support of an ERG wont be a huge surprise. Identify patterns of potentially fraudulent behavior with actionable analytics and protect resources and program integrity. Asking an ERG for disabled employees to evaluate your website will more accurately evaluate accessibility than using a static checklist. How can you help remove barriers? he said. Web"Salesforce is a place for employees of all abilities. Effective employee resource groups are key to inclusion at work. A frequent Year 1 objective is improving the disability self-identification rates of your employees. The Hispanic ERG, on the other hand, had an extensive membership but no members above mid-manager level. .usa-footer .grid-container {padding-left: 30px!important;} Our research suggests that more workers who belong to ERGs that they consider effective feel included at work than members of ERGs who see the groups as ineffective. .table thead th {background-color:#f1f1f1;color:#222;} The best disability employee resource groups (ERGs) are those that foster open dialogue and networking not only among their own members but also with members of other ERGs. When a company fosters a range of such groups and offers its support (management interest and sponsorship and even modest financial backing), persons with disabilities benefit. By aligning their work with corporate and employee expectations, employee resource groups can help people feel more included in the workplace. During this webinar, we will share strategies and best practices that help create workplaces which are inclusive of disability and all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions. Since launching in 2019, our Disability Employee Resource Group is helping co-workers understand what its like to live with a disability,visibleor not. If other ERGs exist at your organization, looking at the way they have done things is frequently a good guideline. Over the past several years, a life sciences company saw a significant uptick in employee resource group (ERG) activity and participation. To celebrate Global Volunteer Month, the Thomson Reuters Social Impact Institute is excited to host the third annual IMPACTathon from April 24-28, 2023. Accessible procurement is key to that commitment. WebThese groups are also known as Affinity Groups or Business Resource Groups (BRGs). Access to these tools is especially important in the first few weeks and months of employment as employees settle into the daily routines of their jobs. The information contained in this website is provided for informational purposes only, and does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice on any subject matter. Some companies compensate ERG leaders for their ERG work5Michael Baptiste, How and why Justworks compensates our ERG leads, Justworks, July 23, 2020. and make ERG responsibilities a formal part of leaders roles, covered in their performance reviews.6Aubrey Blanche and Kelly Luc, How to pay your ERG leaders, Culture Amp, accessed October 2022. WebThe members of disability ERGs (sometimes called Business Resource Groups or Affinity Groups) are well-positioned to help you brainstorm activities, speakers, and topics to The more you have conversations with other people, the more you realize how little awareness there is of what it means to live with a disability. When does a disability accommodation become a personal benefit? Having a passion about a topic and a safe space makes it easier for one to confront those barriers that have been looming in front of their continued professional development. The group can present the idea to management, increasing the chances it will be accepted. People hiding their disabilities at the office are less happy at work. The three St. Louis Fed employees note they are not specialists: We are not the experts, but were trying hard to learn as we go, Lamar says. Gaining information on what benefits they value, what kind of environment they work best in, or whether a job description would catch their attention can help attract the best, most diverse candidates for each job posting. For example, when the DEI function decided to field an employee experience survey, it discovered that an ERG had already sent a similar survey to its members. As a best practice, effective ERGs also focus on strategic alignment and a distinct purpose. Michael Baptiste, How and why Justworks compensates our ERG leads, Justworks, July 23, 2020. Learn why improving business opportunities for people with disabilities is a social issue at the heart of ESG. (The anecdotes used to illustrate the pitfalls are composites from real-life scenarios at companies weve studied.) This could demonstrate her organizational and event planning skills, making her a great candidate for a position in event marketing. Lets face it; Zoom meetings can be tedious. ERGs can be a tremendous asset for a company as long as they are seen as a Last week, I wrote about how important disability-focused employee resource groups are to creating an environment where employees with disabilities feel comfortable disclosing them and in turn helping others. Check out the infographic to learn more. Each ERG then shared its strategies with the DEI team so that the central team could coordinate and foster collaboration across the previously siloed groups. As the ninth and newest employee resource group, Indigenous at Microsoft strives to honour, share and celebrate Indigenous cultures within and beyond Microsoft while shaping inclusive technology to empower future generations. ERGs also help reform business operations, for example, when members of underrepresented groups call attention to unfair processes. The Disability:IN ERG/BRG Leadership Committee has prepared this fact sheet to assist corporate disability Employee Resource Groups/Business Resource Groups understand how to best leverage the skills and connections that their Executive Sponsor possesses. Quick facts on the disability community through a global employment lens. Through ERG inputs, companies better understand their customers and are able to cater products to underrepresented groups. External engagement: engaging outside the If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. Sometimes referred to as Employee Networks or Affinity Groups, ERGs offer employees an opportunity to connect and receive support from others with similar backgrounds or interests. This webinar was part of the Inclusion Works Winter 2022 meeting and was moderated by Disability:IN Chief Accessibility Officer Jeff Wissel with panelists Scott Ballina (Citrix) Monica Ackerman (Scotiabank) and Monica Goel (CVS Health). Formal ERGs. Both census and CDC data show disabilities are more common among older adults and non-Hispanic American Indians and Alaska Natives. View the Zoom Webinar. Explore 2022 Diversity & Inclusion Report. A corporate commitment to a disability diverse and inclusive workforce requires that digital products and content be fully usable by a companys employees and job applicants with disabilities. Create accessible and universally designed workplaces, spaces, processes and opportunities. .cd-main-content p, blockquote {margin-bottom:1em;} WebEmployee Resource Groups (ERGs) What is an ERG? ERGs might also provide opportunities to gain confidence in skills which they might be hesitant to perform in their actual job functions, such as leading a team or speaking in front of others. The group is dedicated to increasing representation of Latinos within Thomson Reuters, raising an understanding of our diverse cultures and eliminating stereotypes through education. This checklist outlines required documents needed to become a certified Disability-Owned Business Enterprise (DOBE), including Veteran Disability-Owned Business Enterprise (V-DOBE) and Service-Disabled Veteran Disability-Owned Business Enterprise (SDV-DOBE). WebEmployee Resource and Diversity Working Groups are responsible for developing and implementing a wide variety of initiatives that directly assist the Laboratory in meeting its diversity-related goals and objectives. Its official goals include promoting greater awareness and understanding of people with disabilities through advocacy and allyship. Now more than ever, how people identify, as well as when and why they disclose a disability, determines workplace culture. An employee resource group for people with disabilities provides a great testing group t. your website or other resource are accessible. June is recognized as Pride Month, dedicated to celebrating the resilience, perseverance and unity of the LGBTQ community. In a survey rating the ERGs effectiveness, Shannon rated the ERG effective at employee community building but ineffective with respect to allyship, leadership connection, career advancement, and external engagement. Recruiting goals for people with disabilities and veterans with service-related disabilities are hard to meet without disability ERGs. The U.S. Census Bureaus American Community Survey defines a disability as: The product of interactions among individuals bodies; their physical, emotional, and mental health; and the physical and social environment in which they live, work, or play. Do internet-only businesses come under the Americans with Disabilities Act? Since that time, ERGs across the United States have connected groups of employees who share interests and identities. Software that keeps supply chain data in one central location. Depending on the ERGs purpose and goals, the connections could be to other ERGs, to internal functions (such as recruiting and social responsibility), or to members of senior leadership who can help provide input on And to improve the retention of underrepresented groups, some ERGs work with HR and leadership to communicate the needs of these groups. Nina has a passion for words, storytelling, and information, which she believes everyone should have access to regardless of ability. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. Disability exists where this interaction results in limitations of activities and restrictions to full participation at school, at work, at home, or in the community. I think thats a testament to how much of an impact it is in their lives, that they want to be involved in this.. Within local communities, ERGs help improve brand visibility through volunteer activities and charitable giving to causes that ERGs consider important. Sponsored by Accenture & Google with Salesforce, Intel, & Bank of America, the conference had over 1,200 registrants from 36 countries. Humana CEO Bruce Broussard signed the Disability: IN CEO Pledge, and our Network Resource Groups (NRGs) ranked No. As an organization that values diversity,Thomson Reuters aims to foster an inclusive environment in which all employees are valued, respected, and encouraged to contribute to their fullest potential. Saturday, April 22, 2023, is Earth Day. Incorporating ERGs to Promote Disability Inclusion in the Workplace This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. U.S. Census Bureau. Representing employees with conditions such as hearing loss, blindness, visual impairments, ADD, mobility disabilities, and dyslexia, the Microsoft Disability employee resource group drives internal visibility and collaborates with product teams to design, develop, and build accessible, inclusive products. It also became clear that ERG leaders were overburdened by the work of keeping the ERGs running. Need help learning how you can make your workplace more accommodating to employees with disabilities? In fact, our research shows that employees who rated their ERGs effective or very effective were much more likely to say they feel included than employees who rated their ERGs ineffective or very ineffective. Find more resources for employers at the Employer Assistance and Resource Network on Disability Inclusion. These include the following. PTSD can be an invisible disability. So far, the group has offered education on subjects like designing for accessibility and communicating with dignity. Abilityforce unites people with visible and invisible disabilities, employees with loved ones who are disabled, and allies. Today, we have 8 BRGs with over 90 chapters globally. Neurodiversity @ Work Employer Roundtable, 2023 Calendar of Disability-Related Dates, 12 Tips to Create Inclusive & Accessible Hybrid Meetings, Applicants & Candidates Reasonable Accommodation Infographic in Partnership with Bank of America, Global Disability & Employment Infographic, Webinar: 2022 Disability Equality Index (DEI) Findings, Disability Inclusion Posters & Social Graphics, The Economic Impact of Certified Disability-Owned Business Enterprises, Building Blocks of an Accessible Procurement Program, Webinar: Intersections Between LGBTQ+ and Disability Community, Webinar: A Conversation on Digital Accessibility in the Workplace & Marketplace, Webinar: Accessible Procurement: An Essential Element of Disability Inclusion on GAAD and Every Day, The Case for Disability Inclusion in ESG Investing, Three Actions to be a Mental Health Champion and Ally, APAC Virtual Disability Advantage Conference Recordings, Six Tips To Keep In Mind When Creating Accessible Virtual Meetings, Accessible Technology Procurement Toolkit, Webinar: Accessibility: Essential to the Physical, Hybrid, and Remote Workplace, Webinar: How to Implement Digital Accessibility, Webinar: Meeting the Financial Needs of People with Disabilities Hosted by Experian, Best Known Methods for Creating Accessible Digital Microsoft Teams Meetings Resource from Inclusion Works, Webinar: Are Your Marketing Communications Accessible? TheDisability Employee Networkis dedicated to the inclusion and equality of Thomson Reuters employees with disabilities. .manual-search ul.usa-list li {max-width:100%;} Common metrics tracked by effective ERGs include overall membership, event participation, member experience and sentiment, and intersectional demographics, such as race and gender within an LGBTQ+ ERG. For example, groups for women should also include women with disabilities to prevent the group from only expressing the ideas of abled women. It gives everyone a chance to learn from one another and become allies for the needs of their coworkers. Invite employees to disclose their disability through voluntary surveys. Employees are able to step outside of their normal department groups. Sometimes known as Affinity Groups or Diversity Groups, ERGs are generally founded by core organizers, have volunteer membership and provide support to personal and professional development in the After spending time as a teacher with a blind student, she became much more aware of the limitations and abilities of web accessibility, and how essential it is to those experiencing disabilities. TheThomson Reuters Veterans Networkexists to bring awareness to veterans in the workplace, to show appreciation to those who have served or are currently serving, and as a support group for employees who are active Guard and Reserve members, as well as those recently transitioning from active duty, to help with transition from military deployments. Views expressed are not necessarily those of the St. Louis Fed or Federal Reserve System. The ERGs leaders had weak ties to executives. Affinity groups, also known as employee resource groups (ERGs), bring together employees with similar backgrounds or interests and can have a powerful influence in the workplace. A powerful tax and accounting research tool. Toolkits, checklists, books, films, and more about the Americans with Disabilities Act to help aid in awareness, education, and action towards a more inclusive future. Wont be able to find candidates with disabilities; Might find some candidates with disabilities, but they dont feel comfortable self identifying, or. Disability:IN recommends three actions to be a mental health champion and ally: Notice, Act, Refer. The company chief compliance officer was a veteran and used his position on the executive team to secure financial support for the ERG. Quick tips to help make your workplace and culture more inclusive. Learn from other employee resource groups, Likewise, everyone- not just people with disabilities-. They share information using the companys communication channels; ensure that joining ERGs is easy; engage members through frequent communications and community-building events, ensuring that ERG members meet one another; and empower members to take action to further the goals of the ERG. . Employees with disabilities who have the tools they need to confidently accomplish job responsibilities are more likely to stay in a job than a non-disabled worker. They have grown to become important networking, retention, and marketing groups that continue to benefit businesses. It also reinforces the idea of everyone being on one team and working for a common goal. For example, the LGBTQ+ ERG had country chapters with different names and disparate goals. They offer employees the opportunity to network, address common issues and Help your employees find purposeor watch them leave, Dont let fear stop you from forging ahead: An interview with Erika James, This time its personal: Shaping the new possible through employee experience. As a die-hardSan Francisco Giantsfan for more than four decades and compound archery 2024 Paralympic, I am one of a jillion people anxiously awaiting season 3 of Ted Lasso. Focus investigation resources on the highest risks and protect programs by reducing improper payments. Regardless of company size or industry, the best and most effective way to undertake or maintain new business initiatives is by learning 6. Try these steps to get back on the upswing when you are on a down cycle in your accessibility journey. WebEmployee Resource Groups (ERGs) Click on links below to find out more about staff-administered affinity groups. The idea of like-minded coworkers getting together to discuss their ideas, commonalities, and workplace concerns has been around informally for as long as there have been jobs. The Picture or it didnt happen meme applies here. The CDC describes disability using the World Health Organizations dimensions of impairment, activity limitation or participation restrictions. That includes things like food in wheelchair accessible areas and heights and a ramp to the speakers podium. WebEmployee Resource Groups. To avoid conflicts between the strategies of ERGs and corporate DEI teams, effective DEI teams share their strategies with ERGs so the groups can devote activities and resources to overall DEI strategy. .agency-blurb-container .agency_blurb.background--light { padding: 0; } When managed well and supported properly, ERGs will become powerful enablers of an organizationsand its employeessuccess. Taking a leadership role within an ERG allows an employee to demonstrate successful leadership skills in the workplace. As ERGs discover more opportunities to engage employees and support companies DEI programs, they will want to be judicious about choosing where to dedicate time and energyin part, to make sure that their activities are promoting a sense of inclusion among ERG members. People with disabilities benefit all groups with which they identify. Why accessibility bugs are a good thing and how to handle them, Using plain language is essential for content accessibility, increase their personal development in the workplace, improve recruiting in the areas the ERGs focus on. They have grown to become important networking, retention, and marketing groups that continue to benefit businesses. business topics and support the ERG at large. An agency within the U.S. Department of Labor, 200 Constitution AveNW ERGs can serve as in-house focus groups to determine what, and find valuable. But its taking federal courts a while to get there. If you spend just five minutes with the groups leadersBeth Hughes, Scott Lamar and Naomi Puschits clear these goals are more than words. All members of the group would have the opportunity to present possible solutions. Even when professional development is not the main goal of an ERG, members may have the opportunity to. Employee Resources Groups (ERGs) go by many different names (i.e., Affinity Groups, Business Resource Groups, Employee Network Groups), but regardless of what they are called, they share a common purpose. ERGs are encouraged to identify a Leadership We're proud to be recognized by the Human Rights Campaign as one of the best places to work for LGBTQ people. However your company is working this year, accessibility is essential to ensuring that employees and applicants with disabilities are part of that work. .h1 {font-family:'Merriweather';font-weight:700;} WebEmployee Resource Groups (ERG) are employee-led groups with members who are drawn together by a common interest and work towards advancing relevancy, diversity, and inclusion throughout the organizations. U.S. Census Bureau. Include disability in your companys diversity statement. This led to some duplicated effort. They need to feel comfortable disclosing disabilities and asking for accommodations, with the expectation that their accommodation will be fulfilled. As a best practice, effective ERG leaders take advantage of strong connections within their organization to get access to the right people and funding required to sharply execute their initiatives. For employers, NDEAM is a perfect time to launch a disability Employee Resource Group (ERG) if one doesn't already exist. As a best practice, leading companies ensure alignment among senior leaders about the role of ERGs as an important and necessary part of both employee experience and retention, particularly for traditionally underrepresented demographics. The Global Asian Affinity Network supports and highlights the rich diversity of the Asian community across Thomson Reuters. Employee Resource Groups can show employees with disabilities tools and techniques they can use to develop important career skills. Hughes noted how the group can facilitate connections, including with experts at Paraquad. The Families employee resource group provides resources, shared experiences and information, and serves as a voice of support for our diverse families across Microsoft. Around one-third of employees rated their ERGs as neutral in external engagement, allyship, leadership connection, and career advancement. This prevents the same leaders from making all the decisions for the company based solely on their own experiences. For more information, see A Toolkit for Establishing and Maintaining Successful Employee Resource Groups. More ERGs formed, and more sought support and resources from the corporate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) function as they ventured beyond employee community building into areas such as unconscious-bias training and product development. The opportunity for organizations is clear: to position their ERGs as sources of ideas and engines for change. Employees want to feel heard and to know they have a voice. Provides a full line of federal, state, and local programs.
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